Auto Trader Membership Description

Auto Trade allows you to directly connect your exchange to Crypto-ML’s trade alerts. Crypto-ML can then automatically execute trades and intelligently manage your portfolio.

Crypto-ML Auto Trado Dashboard Portfolio

Getting Started with Crypto-ML Auto Trade

There are three high-level steps for getting started:

  1. Sign-up for the Auto Trade Membership
  2. Connect your exchange account on the Auto Trade Exchange Setup
  3. Enable your trading selections on the Auto Trade Dashboard

Additional detail on each step is available below.

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Auto Trade Settings Walkthrough

All Auto Trade selections are made from the Auto Trade Dashboard. This video walkthrough will guide you through each selection.

Additionally, you may view our full Auto Trade Settings User Guide.

Membership Pricing

The Auto Trader Membership is $29 per month. This membership includes all of the features from the Free and Trader tiers but adds on automatic trading capabilities as described below.

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Exchanges Supported by Auto Trade

1. and and supported by Auto Trade:

Note: and each have their own separate set of integrations.

2. Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is supported by Auto Trade:

How to Connect Your Exchange

All exchange connections are done from the Auto Trade Exchange Setup page.

Please view our Exchange Connection User Guide for full instructions with step-by-step screenshots.

Exchange Connection User Guide

Crypto-ML Auto Trade 2 Multi Exchange v2

Auto Trade Best Practices

Based on our data and user feedback, we have compiled four key best practices to help ensure Auto Trade can work optimally and deliver you the best results.

By following these tips, your personal results should follow our Trade History as consistently as possible.

Read Auto Trade Best Practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I in charge of the API connection?

Yes. You can remove your key details from your Crypto-ML Exchange Setup at any time. You may also delete your key back on your exchange. By removing your key, Crypto-ML will no longer be able to communicate with your exchange.

If I have the membership, do I need to enable auto trading?

No. Having an “Auto Trade” membership gives you access to Auto Trade functionality and all features in the “Trader” and “Free” memberships. While you have access to the advanced functionality, you may turn it on or off as appropriate for your trading strategy.

You may also downgrade or upgrade your membership at any time. See the Subscriptions tab of your Account.

How can I stop auto trade?

Go to your Auto Trade Dashboard and hit the Deactivate Auto Trade button.

That is the graceful method to shut down Auto Trade. You may also remove your API Key from Crypto-ML or delete it from your exchange.

How can I best secure my Crypto-ML account?

If you enter your key, we recommend securing your Crypto-ML account with a strong password and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Learn more about Crypto-ML 2FA.

How can I best enhance the security of my trading accounts?

In addition to setting up Crypto-ML 2FA, you should take the following steps:

  • Configure 2FA with your exchange.
  • Do not enable “transfer” or “withdrawal” permissions on your APIs, as noted above in our configuration guides. This ensures APIs cannot move money out of your exchange.

Should I be an experienced and sophisticated trader?

Yes. Auto Trade is a tool for experienced and sophisticated traders. Please review important Crypto-ML Terms and Conditions to ensure Auto Trade is suitable for your risk tolerance, experience, and financial goals.

Should I give Crypto-ML 'transfer' permissions?

No. You should only provide “Trade” and “View” permissions to Crypto-ML. Crypto-ML will not need to initiate transfers (between your exchange and your bank).

Why can't I use the API 'IP access restriction' or 'whitelist' features?

There are a variety of ways to optimize your security as it relates to API data, many of which involve tradeoffs. Crypto-ML uses a rotating IP address in order to maximize the security of data at rest and data in transit. Because our IP address is constantly changing, it becomes more challenging for systems to penetrate our data. However, this also means you cannot lock your exchange to a single address.

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