Crypto-ML 2019 Year-to-Date Performance and Updates

Crypto-ML’s machine learning platform for crypto traders and investors has had a strong 2019 thus far. In large part, we have our passionate customers to thank. Your voice has helped shape our future. For this, we are grateful. And we hope you recognize your influence on this year’s results.

This post will dive into a brief market review, our results, the enhancements we’ve delivered, and what you can expect in the near future.

2019 Crypto Market Review

This year saw a strong bullish push from April until the end of June. But it has since shown considerable weakness, with Bitcoin dropping 69% from its peak about 3 months ago.

Bitcoin Price 2019 Year to Date

Crypto-ML Fear and Greed Index

Crypto-ML’s Fear and Greed Index made two key big-picture calls this year.

Bull Market

  • Crypto-ML officially determined a new bull phase on March 29.
  • See here for details on how Crypto-ML machine learning predicted the bull phase faster and better than technical indicators and analysts. Note: This is a great data-filled post–in case you haven’t read it already.

Comparison of Bull Market Calls

Bear Market

The bull market call was very successful. We can only assume this bear market call will be the same and that we should expect further downside ahead. 

Bear Market Recommendation

As always, if you are a trader, we recommend swimming with the current. That means to:

  • Focus on long trades in bull markets
  • Focus on short trades in bear markets

At a minimum, during this bear phase, please consider taking less risk and opening smaller positions.

If you are a long-term investor, this may be a time to consider accumulating, especially if the Fear and Greed Index gets to an extreme negative reading. Extreme readings tend to indicate a peak, which will be followed by a reversal in the overall market direction. Read more about this on our Fear and Greed Index page.

Crypto-ML 2019 Trade Performance

While 2019 has been another fairly wild year for crypto–especially compared to traditional assets–Crypto-ML has delivered consistent results throughout. Here are our actual results from trades delivered to our members:

  • Bitcoin account is +73% on 14 trades
  • Ethereum account is +170% on 16 trades
  • Bitcoin Cash account is +81% on 23 trades
  • Litecoin account is +42% on 12 trades

These figures are as of this writing. Please see our Trade History page for the latest figures.

As a comparison, please see this performance table:

2019 Trade Performance

  Crypto-ML Gain/Loss Trades Buy-and-Hold
BTC 73% 14 118%
ETH 170% 16 28%
BCH 81% 23 48%
LTC 42% 12 86%
S&P500     16%
Gold     17%
Oil     16%

While “buy and hold” did outperform in two cases, that assumes you had the foresight to buy on Jan 1, 2019 and sell today.

  • The gains for Crypto-ML are actual and realized.
  • The buy-and-hold figures are unrealized.

The above distinction is critical. If Bitcoin completely tanks over the next couple of months, any unrealized gains will vanish and potentially go negative. 

Many of us have experienced the exuberance of holding through a rally, only to feel despair sink in once the rally fades and prices tumble. In fact, Crypto-ML’s systems were conceived to put an end to this problem.

All-Time Trade Performance

The power of trading over holding is better illustrated over a longer period. Below are figures from when Crypto-ML began publishing trade alerts to members:

  Crypto-ML Gain/Loss Trades Buy-and-Hold
BTC 232% 49 26%
ETH 137% 20 -59%
BCH 98% 34 -76%
LTC 94% 21 -64%


Crypto-ML Trade History Chart 2019
BTC trade performance as of this writing.

Crypto-ML 2019 Enhancements

During 2019, we also saw the launch of a variety of enhancements to both our services and machine learning models.

Machine Learning Enhancements

Regardless of the services we offer, our true value hinges on the capabilities of our machine learning models. Since we post our trade history publicly, there is truly no question as to how our models truly perform.

As such, we invest heavily in our machine learning development.

Deployed Enhancements

  • 2.0 Models added intelligent profit capture capabilities. January
  • 3.0 Models added intelligent stop losses. July
  • 3.5 Models added trailing stops and enhanced Trade Meter sync. September

Service and Capability Enhancements

As noted in the opening, we cannot be thankful enough for our customers. We believe the best thing we did this year was to give you all an official voice on our Community Forums. 

Deployed Enhancements

Upcoming Enhancements

Before the year closes, several key enhancements are expected:

  • Trade Alert models that communicate with the Fear and Greed Index. This will allow them to adapt in real-time to prevailing market conditions.
  • Trade Alert models that utilize anomaly detection. Learn more about this on our Community post. This is expected to deliver next-level trade results. It can also be tuned for swing trading and faster day trading. Last, this will get us to a unified short and long system.
  • Auto Trade exchange expansion.
  • Partnership with a portfolio management solution.
  • Numerous additional features and improvements that are still in evaluation, including changes to how Auto Trade enters orders, expanded visualizations, and the ability for our ML to answer a broader set of questions about both investing and trading.
  • And of course, a never-ending list of bug fixes, performance improvements, and security enhancements.

Let us know!

Hopefully, this post gives you a great sense of 2019.

  • Where we’ve been
  • Where we’re headed
  • Our performance

More than anything, we hope you get a sense of the value we place on our customers and your involvement in sculpting Crypto-ML. We’re investing our hearts and souls into this project, so it’s fantastic to see that enthusiasm echoed back.

What are we missing? What do you want to see? Hit us up on the Community Forums and let your voice be heard!

And if you enjoy our service, please use our referral program to share it with your friends, family, and more. That is the greatest compliment we can receive. 

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