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Added Account Security: Two-Factor Authentication Now Available

Crypto-ML has added the option to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account. This added security is available in anticipation of the upcoming Auto-Trade functionality. Should you intend on entering trade account information, enabling 2FA will greatly increase the security of those account details.

Once enabled, the Crypto-ML login screen will ask for your username and password, then it will ask for a one-time password from your phone’s 2FA app.

More on two-factor authentication (Wikipedia).

Google Authentication Crypto-ML 2FA

How to enable Crypto-ML 2FA

From the Member Dashboard, you can click Account and then 2FA. From the 2FA page, you can enable, disable, and modify your two-factor security settings.

You can enable or disable at any time. Turning on 2FA is optional.

Google Authenticator Crypto-ML Setup

Which 2FA apps are supported?

Crypto-ML utilizes the one-time password protocol TOTP. This means many popular 2FA apps are supported, namely:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Authy
  • And many other apps that support TOTP

If you do not yet have a favorite 2FA app, Google Authenticator is a simple solution available for both iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play). It supports QR scanning which makes the entire process easy.

Added Account Security: Two-Factor Authentication Now Available 1
Added Account Security: Two-Factor Authentication Now Available 2


For added account security, please visit the Crypto-ML Two Factor Authentication page to enable 2FA.

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