All Trade Positions Closed – BCH Trade Leads with 19% Gain

Members of the Crypto-ML Trader membership will see all open trade positions have now been closed. This post will give some insight into how Crypto-ML trades are performing and what may be ahead.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Crypto-ML trade results for 2019 thus far

The Bitcoin Cash trade gave an exceptional 19.21% gain on an 11-day trade.

This punctuates a phenomenal set of 2019 results, which can be seen in detail on the Trade History page.

The Crypto-ML trade accounts for 2019:

  • Bitcoin account up 15% with 3 trades
  • Litecoin account up 32% with 2 trades
  • Ethereum account up 35% with 5 trades
  • Bitcoin Cash account up 58% with 6 trades

We are clearly seeing the power of machine learning at work as well as the results of the 2.0 models that were released at the start of the year.

Interestingly, the Bitcoin Short model has not yet issued a trade for 2019.

Crypto-ML Trade Status
Trade Alert status as of this writing–all closed.

Where the crypto market is headed

We continue to see the Fear and Greed Index increment toward positive territory, potentially ending the this extensive Crypto Bear Market.

Crypto ML Fear and Greed Index March 2019
Snapshot of the Fear and Greed Index as of this writing. Bear market ending soon?

As we approach this critical point, we expect to see increased volatility and certainly a fair share of ups and downs.

Given the sideways action in the market, it appears the Crypto-ML models have decided to capture profit and await the next swing.

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