Android App Released and Other Roadmap Updates

We are pleased to announce the Crypto-ML Android App has officially been released on the Google Play Store. This app provides complete access to all web site functionality but also adds in mobile notifications.

Crypto-ML Android App Downlaod

Android App Details

The primary benefit of using the mobile app is notifications can be sent using the Android mobile notification system. This is a huge benefit and allows us to quickly respond to trade signals.

See screenshots below.

To learn more about the app, compatibility, and its functions, please view our Crypto-ML Android App Page.

Features will continue to be added. If you’d like to recommend any, please join us on the Crypto-ML Community Forums. Additionally, we are working toward an iOS version.

Additional Roadmap Updates

Please watch our Community Roadmap Section for new updates and a forthcoming May 2019 post. Several notable updates are below.

Credit Card Processing

As you may know, we faced an unexpected situation in that Stripe decided to stop supporting any companies related to cryptocurrency. You can read more detail here.

This was a very unfortunate event and impacts our business and customers greatly.

As a high priority, we have been working to implement a new credit card system, which entails lengthy underwriting, customer communication, and technical changes.

The good news is we should have a new system in place very shortly. We are expecting this will be live next week. Once complete, we can shift our attention back to enhancements for our customers.

As always, PayPal (including their credit card system) continues to be available as a payment method for Crypto-ML customers.

Auto Trade and Invest-ML

As longtime members know, we have been discussing the availability of our Auto Trade feature and Invest-ML for quite some time now. Enabling these features requires complex regulatory compliance and detailed auditing, process, and compliance changes.

We have completed all of the gates and have final versions of the new disclosures in place. This means we should be able to begin rolling out Auto Trade features within the next month. Please watch for updates.

Unified Day Trading Signals

Another effort receiving considerable attention is the development of a unified long and short signal that is targeted to day traders. This feature has been through much of the data analysis and machine learning development, but still has additional development and QA work to go.

Suggestions and Comments

As always, we eagerly welcome your feedback and input on our platform and roadmap. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the Community Forums.

Thank you!

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