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Crypto-ML Closes Three Huge Winning Trades

Trade alerts issued by Crypto-ML have users off to a great start for 2019. The machine learning technology successfully called the last market upswing before it happened and closed out trades for strong profit. Updated numbers can be found on the Trade History page.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Trade Results

Following are the trade results:

  • The Litecoin position closed on 2/17/19 for 31.55% profit on 15-day trade.
  • The Ethereum position closed on 2/24/19 for 33.46% profit on 18-day trade.
  • The Bitcoin Cash position closed on 2/24/19 for 9.62% profit on 25-day trade.

Ethereum and Litecoin led the way during this last upswing and profits were captured accordingly.

Market Direction

Interestingly, the Bitcoin position is still open. It seems a pivotal psychological battle is happening at the $4,000 Bitcoin price point. Depending on how the next few days pan out, that will likely have a strong influence on our near-term direction across the crypto spectrum.

Positive fundamental news has continued to surface, such as:

Backing this, we’ve seen the Crypto-ML Market Index show the bear market has been weakening nearly all of 2019:

Market Index 2019 Bear Weakening

While the verdict isn’t in yet, we may indeed be nearing a larger shift in the overall market. We do, though, expect considerable volatility to take place ahead of any significant change.

Trade Anatomy

In looking at the Litecoin trade, we can see that the trade was opened 6 days prior to the major upswing. It was then closed 15 days later for 31.55% profit, which is an exceptional result.

As you can see, another rally followed, but that fizzled with a sharp red bar on February 24 and price has since remained level.

Crypto-ML 2019 Litecoin Trade

Ethereum, on the other hand, opened the trade just 2 days before the spike and decided to stay in slightly longer, yet still delivered an almost identical result with an 18-day trade. It is unfortunate the February 24 movement was so strong, as this resulted in missing out in additional profit opportunity. The large red candle occurred largely within a 1-hour timespan.

Regardless, a 33.46% gain is fantastic and we cannot expect flawless trades–yet, at least.

Crypto-ML 2019 Ethereum Trade

2019 Performance

The 2.0 models of Crypto-ML were rolled out between December and January, with the promise of capturing profit sooner and exhibiting less “buy and sell” oscillation. The new models certainly seem to be delivering very effectively.

Read about the Crypto-ML 2.0 models here.

As of this writing, performance for the first two months of 2019 is as follows:

  • Litecoin has 1 trade with a 32% return
  • Ethereum has 3 trades with a 39% return
  • Bitcoin Cash has 4 trades with 126% return

Please view Trade History for the latest stats.

How to Receive Trade Alerts

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If you’d like to upgrade your free account to receive trade alerts, you can do so from the Pricing Page or from the My Account Dashboard.

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