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Crypto-ML Updates: Bitcoin Cash Enhancement and Day Trading for Crypto

While the cryptocurrency markets have been in a downtrend, the Crypto-ML team has been busy enhancing the machine-learning platform behind Crypto-ML. As such, we have two major updates to announce:

  • A new machine-learning model for Bitcoin Cash will be released tonight
  • Machine-learning based day trading will be coming within the next 30 days

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Machine Learning Model Major Release

Bitcoin Cash has been on the Crypto-ML platform in a beta state since release. This was due to the limited historical data and more importantly, limited scenarios from which to learn. In order to understand the current environment and predict the future with sufficient certainty, machine-learning models need to have a strong base of data from which to learn and draw.

As you are likely aware, BCH saw the most drastic rise and fall during the recent months. Crypto-ML was able to capture this very effectively, but it also provided great data from which to improve going forward.

Each time there is a new formation, drawback, or upswing, the Crypto-ML models can evolve and better predict the future. As long-term members know, the accuracy of Crypto-ML improves quickly and consistently. Certain learning provides minor tweaks to the underlying model. Other learning changes the structure of the model. When this happens, we pass the model through governance and then deploy it as a “major release.”

You can read about a recent major release to Bitcoin and Litecoin machine learning models to see how volatility improves the system.

Thanks to these same principles, you will see a major release of Bitcoin Cash Machine-Learning model deployed tonight. It will be the basis for BCH alerts going forward.

Based on historical data, it is 80% more profitable than the current BCH machine-learning model.

Bitcoin Cash Crypto-ML Machine Learning Chart

Cryptocurrency Day Trading is Coming Soon

As a bigger announcement, expect to see a day trading stream available in approximately 30 days.

Crypto-ML is based on swing trading and that will continue to be the core of the platform. Holding Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash through major upswings simply delivers the best profits while limiting stress and direct involvement. However, it also means we may sit inactive during longer downtrends.

As such, Crypto-ML will release a new intraday trading signal set that will be available during specific windows throughout the day. This will allow users to open and close positions within the day, thereby capitalizing on hour-by-hour moves. These signals will be streamed, so if traders are available, they can log in to the site, watch the signals, and trade accordingly.

This will provide Crypto-ML users with an entirely new way to trade and profit, especially while we wait on the sidelines.

Do you have questions or suggestions? Let us know below.

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