How to Get the Most from Your Free Membership

If you’ve joined the Crypto-ML Free Membership tier, you may be wondering how to best maximize the information you receive from it. This post will walk you through different ways to use the tools available.

What does the Free Membership provide?

Fundamentally, Crypto-ML’s Free Membership gives you the big-picture view of the market.

As with any undertaking, it is critical to have the big picture prior to developing actionable tactics and strategies. Whether you’re an investor or a trader, the Free Membership will give you big-picture value and aid in your day-to-day decisions.

The machine learning tools included are:

  • Price Predictions
  • Fear and Greed Index

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Price Predictions

Cryptocurrency price prediction indicators are part of Crypto-ML’s Member Dashboard. These indicators show price change expectations as determined by our Deep Neural Network machine learning system.


These predictions are available for all of our membership tiers, including the free plan.

As a crypto trader and investor, you can use our crypto price prediction indicators to supplement your trading strategies, including the Trade Signals from Crypto-ML.

Here is a quick overview of how to interpret the results:

Positive PredictionNegative Prediction
Normal MarketBullish: Follow PredictionsBearish: Follow Predictions
Bullish ManipulationStrongly BullishBullish
Bearish ManipulationBearishStrongly Bearish

To learn more, read our full post on Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Indicators.

Crypto-ML Fear and Greed Index

The free membership primarily gives you access to the Fear and Greed Index. This index provides a quantitative perspective on crypto market sentiment. It is available as part of the Free Membership on the Member Dashboard.

See the details of how the Crypto-ML Fear and Greed Index works.

Our machine learning models evaluate a variety of factors across the crypto supported by this site, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. This occurs once daily. Upon completion, an email update is issued to members.

The Fear and Greed Index is broken down into three major components:

Crypto-ML Fear and Greed Index V2

1. Bull or Bear Indicator

First, the indicator will explicitly notify you whether or not we are in a bull or bear market. The wording is reinforced by the color of the indicator. The indicator is derived from the index value: positive is bull; negative is bear.

2. Index Value

Next is the index value. In the image above, it is -60.1. This value will swing between -100 and +100. In certain extreme situations, it can exceed these bounds, but that is fairly unlikely. As noted above, negative values indicate a bear market; positive values indicate a bull market. The more extreme the value, the more extreme the market.

3. 7-Day Trend

Last, you’ll see whether or not the current status is strengthening or weakening based on behavior over the last seven days.

How do I best use the Fear and Greed Index to trade?

As a trader, the answer is fairly simple: the data shows you should trade with the market. Or said another way, swim with the current.

This means taking long trades during a bull market and short trades during a bear market. Please see our Trade History page for more information on the results of this strategy.

As we discuss in this post on Short Selling with the Fear and Greed Index, in a downtrend, the math must favor short sellers. It is a downtrend precisely because the down moves are larger than the up moves. Likewise, the math must favor long traders in an uptrend.

  • If you are on the Free Membership, you can utilize your own trading strategy in concert with the Fear and Greed Index.
  • If you are on Trader Membership, you can utilize Crypto-ML’s machine learning signals in concert with the Fear and Greed Index.

As a long-term investor, how can I use the Fear and Greed Index?

As an investor, the answer is a little more complex. Each investor has different goals and different timelines.

To get a historical perspective, on the Member Dashboard, you’ll see a graph showing how the Fear and Greed Index has changed over time:

Crypto-ML Fear and Greed Index

If you are interested in the long-term value of crypto, you may decide to accumulate counter to the market. Said another way, if you believe in fundamentals that will drive price up in the long term, you may want to buy when everyone else is panicking.

Utilizing the Fear and Greed Index, you may, therefore, decide to buy when it hits extreme negative numbers. You may also choose to sell when it hits extreme positives.

Is the Fear and Greed Index a lagging indicator?

The Fear and Greed Index is based on an accumulation of sentiment and changes over time, so yes, it is a lagging indicator. For example, looking at the chart above, you can see after the price peak at the very end of 2017, it took a while to cross into the negative where it has stayed since.

While there are many definitions and thoughts on what constitutes a bull or bear market, nearly all are backward looking (lagging). As noted by Investopedia:

“Since bull markets are difficult to predict, analysts can typically only recognize this phenomenon after it has happened.”

That said, the Fear and Greed Index can provide immediate insight based on the slope. Again looking at the chart, what did change right away was the slope of the Fear and Greed Index. It began dropping very rapidly after the peak of 2017 and then ultimately confirmed the markets officially moved into a bear status.

What is the value of the Free Membership?

Based on the information above, you can see that the Fear and Greed Index provides the big-picture view. And it’s critical to know the big picture before you get into the details. This applies whether you act as a trader or investor.

Speaking personally and for the rest of the team, I can say that more than anything, the Fear and Greed Index helped me preserve the gains I made in 2017. At extreme positive readings, I was able to move the majority of my holdings to cash and take caution with my trades.

I feel extremely fortunate to have had this measure at my disposal.

How do I sign up for a Free Membership?

If you haven’t already, you may sign up for Crypto-ML’s Free Membership. No credit card needed. This will allow you to get started with the Fear and Greed Index and Learning Center right away.

How can I upgrade to the Trader Membership?

If you’re ready to get going with the Fear and Greed Index and also trade alerts, sign up for Crypto-ML’s Trader Membership, which is free for 30 days.

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