Important Updates: Auto-ML Expanding, Standard Alerts Retiring

Exciting changes have been happening at Crypto-ML. Numerous updates have been rolled out and more will be deployed over the next week. This post will provide more information on these enhancements.

Auto-ML Enhancements

Auto-ML provides continuous monitoring of the crypto markets and can issue trade alerts at any time. Given the fast, sharp changes in price that have punctuated 2018, a solution of this speed has been valuable.

Read more about Auto-ML here.

Previously, Auto-ML covered Bitcoin only. However, Auto-ML now covers:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  3. Ethereum (ETH)
  4. Litecoin (LTC)

Enabling these additional coins has been a slow process because prior to doing so, we must create a proprietary data set. The advantages Auto-ML provides, however, are well worth the effort and wait.

The current status of each coin can be viewed on the Member Dashboard.

To be notified of these alerts, you can opt to receive a daily update at 7PM EST and/or instant alerts that will be delivered as soon as a trade alert is issued. You can adjust this in your Notifications.

Standard Notifications Retiring

In order to ensure optimal trade performance and simplify the Crypto-ML platform, the Standard Notifications will be retired. This will occur within the week. When this happens, a notice will be published along with guidance on how to manage existing trades. At a high level, this means you will transition any trade to the Auto-ML equivalent.

There will still be a daily email you can elect to receive on your Notifications page. This daily email will provide a summary of the Auto-ML alerts and an update to the Fear and Greed Index. Its goal is to give you a daily pulse on the markets.

This is a big change, so look for more detailed guidance when the switch occurs. And of course, if you have any questions, please just Contact Support.

Enhancements to Auto-ML for Faster Closes

On the machine learning front, the biggest initiative has been focused on closing profitable trades in anticipation of flash price drops. Throughout 2018, numerous profitable long positions saw gains quickly erased as the markets reversed suddenly and sharply. Our goal has been to better anticipate these drops and close winning positions preemptively.

While incremental improvements have been captured by our machine learning models, we have been working on a more revolutionary approach. The models resulting from this work are completing testing and should be deployed shortly.

CFTC Registration and NFA Membership

Crypto-ML is in the final stages of registration with the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and becoming a member of the NFA (National Futures Association).

This is a step to ensure we meet the best standards in terms of integrity and consumer protection. It will also provide the ability to deliver enhanced services, such as auto trading and Look for more updates here along with a variety of changes across the site.

Smartphone Apps

Crypto-ML smartphone apps are nearing completion. The key benefit will be notifications, which will provide an alternative to email.

Additional Changes and Enhancements

As the year closes, you can expect a variety of other changes and enhancements:

  1. Fear and Greed Index sync and update frequency (completed)
  2. Trade History updates to include all Auto-ML coins and to be in accordance with CFTC standards
  3. Trade History to show a scenario of following only long trades during positive Fear and Greed Index and only short trades during negative Fear and Greed Index

We look forward to a fantastic 2019 and sincerely hope you do as well. Should you have any feature requests, please do not hesitate to contact support.

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