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Insights From the Market Index: Reversal Pending?

Last Updated on September 11, 2019 by admin

We have recently seen interesting behavior in the Crypto-ML Market Index that is worth dissecting. In this post, you’ll see an analysis of the current crypto market status and implications for where we may be heading.

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Is a Market Reversal Pending?

While we are still in a bear market, there has been interesting action on the Market Index. Let’s dive into the charts and see the variety of reasons to believe this may be the case.

1. Strong Market Index Action

BTC Price, as you’ll see, has been relatively flat in 2019 (see the red line below).

However, the Market Index has begun increasing (approaching zero) quite rapidly.

Insights From the Market Index: Reversal Pending? 1
Relatively flat price action, yet the Market Index is on a strong upward trend.

2. Extreme Reading Indicates Oversold Conditions

Many technical indicators act best as ways to identify reversals. For example, traditional analysts will use RSI, Bollinger Bands, and Stochastic Oscillators to identify overbought and oversold situations.

Similarly, the Market Index typically moves between +100 and -100. It’s uncommon for it to hit ranges beyond 50.

Back in December of 2018, the Market Index hit a -97, which is nearly as extreme as it gets. This may indicate the market is heavily oversold.

The most other extreme reading over the last two years was the one preceding the crash, where the Market Index hit +73. That gives you perspective on just how oversold the market may currently be.

Insights From the Market Index: Reversal Pending? 2
Extreme readings seem to indicate overbought and oversold areas.

3. Channel Breakouts

Applying traditional charting techniques, we can also see the Market Index displays channeling behavior that seems to follow its own support and resistance lines.

The Market Index both hit a peak (overbought) and then subsequently broke the resistance channel in early 2018. This was the onset of the market drop and proceeded the massive fall in prices that ultimately put us in our extended bear market phase.

Looking at our current situation, we do see the peak low (oversold). We also see support and resistance lines forming. Additionally, the support channel is making higher lows, which is bullish as well.

If the Market Index breaks out above that overhead resistance line, that will likely be a very bullish indicator.

Insights From the Market Index: Reversal Pending? 3
Support and resistance channels from within the Market Index itself. We are yet to see a breakout, but are making higher lows.

4. Pivotal Price Point

In addition to all of the above, there is interesting historical behavior in our current price range. As noted, most of 2019 has been stuck in this channel. Looking back at the end of 2017, we also saw a period of time spent in this range. Once price moved out of this range, the parabolic move began.

This is not to say a parabolic move will happen again, but it is to say this is certainly an emotional and historic price point.

Combined with the points above, it makes our current point that much more compelling.

Insights From the Market Index: Reversal Pending? 4
2019 has spent most of its time stuck in a pivotal price channel.

5. Trades Signaling BUY

Last, the Trade Alerts have recently flipped to “BUY” status (except for BCH at this point).

These trades are reopening following on the exceptional trades that just closed a couple of weeks ago that locked in 30%+ profits.

Insights From the Market Index: Reversal Pending? 5
Screenshot of Trader dashboard as of this writing.


We have a convergence of indicators showing we may be at the point where the overall paradigm is changing. Most interesting is the fast upward trend in the Market Index despite the flat price action.

Of course, cryptocurrency could continue down. But if you believe in the fundamentals, perhaps this is all highlighting we’re at a point where accumulation for the long-term makes sense on multiple levels.

What do you think?

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