Machine Learning Enhancements for Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Now Live

The Crypto-ML Machine Learning team is pleased to announce two enhancements are now live. These enhancements are for the Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) machine-learning models, allowing the Crypto-ML platform to better predict profitable trades.

Model Improvement Details

These changes are not complete overhauls but rather refinements that optimize exits from trades, thereby capturing a greater portion of upward movements.

For Ethereum (ETH), this results in a 25.64% improvement in performance.

For Bitcoin Cash (BCH), this results in a 7.44% improvement in performance.

If you are currently following Crypto-ML trade alerts, these changes do not impact current positions. Under these changes, ETH is still currently closed and BCH is still currently open (as of this writing).

You can find the latest results at:

Crypto-ML Standard Results

Auto-ML Results

Machine Learning Technology Evolution

As with previous platform enhancements, machine-learning model improvements come from two main sources:

1. Additional data: As new scenarios and market conditions are experienced, the models evolve and become better able to handle a broader range of situations.

2. Technology refinements: Our team is constantly exploring new technologies, tweaks, and avenues to drive even better performance. Breakthroughs in this area of research and development can also lead to better modeling and predictive capabilities.

These sources allow Crypto-ML to continuously improve, providing better value to users.

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