Major Enhancements to Crypto-ML Algorithms

Machine learning is all about a “model” designed to seek a goal. In Crypto-ML’s case, the model is seeking to maximize our profits. As that model is exposed to new information and situations, it continues to evolve, adjust, and improve. In the case of Crypto-ML, the better it can handle future uncertainty.

In light of recent volatility, Crypto-ML’s already exceptional algorithm has improved considerably.


  • Recent volatility has greatly improved Crypto-ML’s adaptability
  • Bitcoin algorithm backtesting results improved by 2.19x
  • Litecoin algorithm backtesting results improved by 3.06x

Recent Variability is Great for Crypto-ML’s Machine-Learning Brain

As you can see in this chart, the upward channel in orange is very stagnant relative to the price action since early December (red arrows).

Crypto-ML Machine Learning Trends and Variability

Just like a human, machines need to be exposed to a variety of experiences in order to reach their potential. To illustrate, imagine if Bitcoin just had only gone up in its history. In this case, a machine would simply tell you to “buy” no matter what happens.

It is the variability in the past that allows a machine to become more adaptive and ultimately exploit future movement to maximize profit.

So while the market downturn since December of 2017 has not been great for anyone’s portfolio, it has provided an incredibly rich dataset for Crypto-ML to absorb.

How the Algorithms Optimized

With more information on volatility and downturns, Crypto-ML has enhanced handling for:

  • Exiting winning positions sooner and thereby capturing more of the profit
  • Capturing profits during larger-scale downtrends

This results in greatly improved backtesting:

  • Bitcoin improved by 2.19x
  • Litecoin improved by 3.06x

That is to say, the $4,260,402 that your $1,000 investment in Bitcoin would have become following Crypto-ML signals is now $9,338,493*.

That’s approximately 5.8 times better than buy-and-hold*.

Enhanced Trading Algorithms for Crypto-ML Now Live

Effectively immediately, enhanced algorithms are live on the Crypto-ML platform.

You do not need to take any action. The current positions are still open under the enhanced algorithms, so you can keep your existing “BUY” positions as is and await the next “SELL” signal.

* Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Performance numbers do not include fees and/or taxes associated with trading. Individual results will vary. Invest responsibly.

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