Crypto-ML 2.0 Is Here! Major Machine Learning Upgrade.

Crypto-ML is pleased to announce a major enhancement to the machine learning technology behind this platform. These changes are the final move from the original once-daily alerts to a new, highly-adaptive system that is continuously monitoring the markets with advanced technologies: Crypto-ML 2.0.

See the Crypto-ML 2.0 Video Overview and Details

Machine Learning Trading System Enhancements

The changes deployed over the last 24 hours (January 10, 2019) have implemented a major upgrade to the machine learning engine behind the Crypto-ML trading platform. These changes represent months of dedicated work on the machine learning models and fine-tuning of the platform.

The enhancements result in the following:

1. Faster Closing Trades

The new models close profitable positions more quickly. This means the predictive capabilities are able to sense turns earlier and require less downward confirmation before closing.

Achieving this was the key goal of the 2.0 models.

2. Less Oscillation in Sideways Markets

In 2018, we saw several periods of a sustained sideways market. While the models were looking for a breakout, they regularly oscillated between BUY and SELL positions.

The secondary goal of the 2.0 models was to reduce this oscillation and better predict true breakouts. The new model much more effectively handles sideways markets.

3. Fewer Trades Overall

Last, fewer trade alerts will be issued. The quantity of trades varies by crypto (as can be seen in the updated Trade History), but all will issue trades at a lower rate. This is partially due to the reduction in oscillations, but it is also a natural side effect of the 2.0 model.

With all of that said, the system is able to achieve much better results in fewer trades.

What You Can Expect

No action is required on your part. You will simply receive signals as before, though they will be powered by the Crypto-ML 2.0 models.

As of this writing (January 10):

  • The 2.0 models have been released for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.
  • Ethereum and Short-ML have had their framework upgraded pending signal synchronization before the new method will be live. Please watch for an update.

As with the earlier models, the 2.0 models still issue losing trades. These are mixed with large wins, and when followed, have historically shown significant, compounding results. Of course, future results may vary. These models have been tested in a variety of scenarios, data subsets, and time periods. It is only through this extensive testing that the models pass through to you.

You can visit the Trade History page for more details on the new and legacy models. Please review the trades to get a better understanding of what to expect.

The ETH and Short-ML results will be revised once released.

Upcoming Enhancements

While these changes have been a key focus for the Crypto-ML team, we also have other exciting enhancements around the corner:

1. Commodity Trade Advisor Registration

In the near future, we will announce the official registration of Crypto-ML as a Commodity Trade Advisor under the NFA and CFTC. This will open a variety of exciting items, including:

  1. Release of our Auto Trading feature, which will enable the Crypto-ML platform to make trades on your behalf.
  2. Expansion beyond cryptocurrency to include major stock, financial, and commodity markets under the Invest-ML brand.
  3. Enhanced consumer protection and reporting.

2. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are also coming up, which will most importantly feature mobile notifications to reduce the reliance on email.

3. Ever-Evolving Machine Learning

And of course, the key to our platform is it will constantly learn and improve. The new 2.0 models provide even better flexibility and adaptability. We look forward to exciting results ahead.


Many of the enhancements noted here have involved the suggestions and ideas of our customer base. Please feel free to utilize the comments below or reach out to our support team at any time. We look forward to an exciting future with you.

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