Standard Notifications Now Replaced by Auto-ML

Effective immediately, the Standard Notifications provided by Crypto-ML will be replaced by Auto-ML alerts. This is a major evolution of the platform that is expected to provide significant performance improvements for Crypto-ML customers. As well, this change will simplify the Crypto-ML platform.

This change was announced previously. but this post will serve to provide specific details on managing your positions and notifications going forward.

Adjusting Your Positions to Auto-ML

The recommendations are based on position status as of this writing. Please review the Member Dashboard for the latest update. If you have any questions about transitioning your current trades, please contact support.

If you are following the Standard Notifications, we recommend the following actions:

Close BTC long position for a gain:

  • Standard Notifications opened a BTC position on 12/09/18 at $3,531. This position is still open.
  • Auto-ML opened a BTC position on 12/14/18 at $3,218 and closed the position on 12/25/18 at $3,772 for a 17.23% gain.

By selling now, you will lock in a profit and be in sync with the Auto-ML alert.

Close LTC long position for a gain:

  • Standard Notifications opened an LTC position on 12/15/18 at $23. This position is still open.
  • Auto-ML opened an LTC position on 12/12/18 at $24.64 and closed the position on 12/25/18 at $31.85 for a 29.26% gain.

Keep ETH and BCH positions open:

  • Both Auto-ML and Standard Notifications have open long positions for ETH and BCH.
  • No change needed.

New Daily Update

Even with the Standard Notifications being retired, there will be a daily update you can elect to receive. The daily update will still be issued shortly after 7PM EST. It will give you an updated Fear and Greed Index and a snapshot of trade statuses.

The goal of this daily update is to keep you in touch with the market status in an efficient manner.

Receiving this daily update is optional. You can turn it on or off in your Notification Selection page.

In addition, you can receive instant notifications for Auto-ML and Short-ML trade alerts (trade alert descriptions). This election can also be done from the revised Notification Selection page.

Updated Notifications Page

To support all of these changes, the Notification Selection page has been updated with the following options.

We strongly recommend keeping the daily updates selected to stay informed as a trader.

Notification Selection Crypto ML

If You Preferred Once Daily Alerts

One challenge with Auto-ML is that it issues trade alerts at any time of day. This is great for serious traders, but may be challenging for some. You may worry that you’ll be behind and miss a great trade.

We looked at this issue quantitatively before retiring standard alerts. Specifically, we analyzed a scenario where there was a lag between when an Auto-ML alert was issued and the response that occurred only at 7PM EST. We assumed the hypothetical trader could only trade once per day. This trader still outperformed a trader sticking purely to Standard Notifications. And any time you can trade closer to when the alert is generated, the results improved.

This means the benefits of using Auto-ML strongly outweigh the downsides. Even if you only make trades once per day, you’ll still be better off.

If you still only want to trade once per day, simply select the “Daily 7PM EST Updates” in the Notification Settings and you’ll be all set.

Forthcoming Changes

Numerous updates throughout the site will continue to be made in order to support this evolution. Most importantly, you will see updates to the Trade History page to support the Auto-ML coin additions.

For our long-term members, we recognize this is a significant change. Should you or any of our users have questions on next steps for your situation, please don’t hesitate to contact support.

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