Video Overview: Continuous Bitcoin Market Trade Analysis

For active traders, Crypto-ML has introduced Auto-ML to continuously monitor the Bitcoin markets. Auto-ML uses a machine learning model that is fed data throughout the day. Its task is to optimize profit. But most important, nearly all constraints have been removed. This means the model is free to establish its own parameters and approach. It may issue trade alerts any time of day. Those trades may come multiple times in the same day, or they may come weeks apart. Auto-ML is truly machine learning unleashed.

Auto-ML Video Overview

The video in this post will:

  1. Provide an overview of Auto-ML
  2. Compare Auto-ML to Crypto-ML’s Standard Trade Alerts
  3. Discuss the trading methodology and how you can use it to maximize your profits
  4. Cover trade history
  5. Explain how Crypto-ML members can turn on Auto-ML notifications
  6. Provide links and resources for Auto-ML


Key Auto-ML Video Takeaways

Crypto-ML Standard is designed for cryptocurrency traders who have busy lives, yet want to participate smartly in the cryptocurrency markets. Auto-ML is designed for more active traders who are willing to exchange consistently-delivered signals for the potential a continuous trade-signal system offers.

Given the strong swings seen in today’s cryptocurrency markets, Auto-ML may be able to react much faster to market changes and thereby deliver better results.

Indeed, results for 2018 so far have been outstanding. See Auto-ML Trade History.

With Auto-ML and Crypto-ML Standard, losing trades are expected. No system is perfect. But when Crypto-ML’s models see a trade moving against expectations, it is quick to close trades, minimizing losses. Wins, however, are allowed to run. This creates small losses and large gains.

“Snowballing” is mathematical key to the exceptional results seen by both Auto-ML and Crypto-ML Standard (see Standard Trade History). To have the math you see on Crypto-ML history pages work in your favor, we recommend rolling forward your wins and losses. As your account value increases, the percentage gains will deliver larger impact in real terms. Of course, every trader is unique and we never recommend trading more than you are willing to lose.

To sign up for Auto-ML, simply head to the Notification Selection page and choose the best notification for your strategy. While you may receive both Crypto-ML Standard and Auto-ML alerts, we recommend following only one strategy. These strategies employ their own models and will conflict in recommendations.

To determine the best strategy for yourself, please read the Comparison of Crypto-ML Standard and Auto-ML.

If you are not yet a Crypto-ML member, please join the waitlist on the homepage at

Auto-ML Next Steps and Links

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