Your Feedback Requested: Features and Enhancements

We would like your feedback on the future of Crypto-ML and the upcoming Invest-ML, which will cover futures and forex. Below, you will find a list of planned enhancements along with several questions we would appreciate your response to.

You may respond in the comments below, take the survey (hosted by GetResponse), or contact support.

While the list below has a specific set of questions, we are also interested in your freeform feedback and ideas. So please feel free to let us know what you’d like to see from the platform going forward.

1. Expansion to Forex and Futures via Invest-ML

The machine learning technology behind Crypto-ML works very effectively for traditional markets. In fact, due to the stability of those markets relative to crypto, the technologies work even better. In order to provide services for forex and futures, both Invest-ML and Crypto-ML will be registered as Commodity Trade Advisors under the CFTC with membership to the NFA.

While it’s difficult to identify a specific timeline, this regulatory step is in the final phases of review and should be announced as complete soon.

We have focused on high volume/high liquidity commodities (see, but would be interested in your feedback on:

  • What assets would you like signals for?
  • What exchanges/brokers do you use to trade?
  • What timeframes do you trade (e.g. are you interested in day trading, swing trading, or managing long-term accounts)?
  • What are your current pain points as a trader?

As we have promised, when Invest-ML launches, any paid members of Crypto-ML will gain free access to help kick off the platform. We are thankful for our customers and will be excited to share this big step forward with you.

2. Email parsing

Adding tags to email alerts so you can integrate with your own trading bots.

3. Mobile apps

Release of mobile apps to leverage mobile notifications in addition to email.

4. Long and short signal synchronization

Change in the machine learning models to be in either a LONG, SHORT, or CLOSE status. Currently, separate models track optimal long and short entry/exit points. This can cause conflict in the signal status. It also requires maintaining twice as many models and dashboard signals.

Currently, this mechanism is in evaluation stages with Ethereum.

5. Auto trade for specific brokers/exchanges

If you have been following Crypto-ML, you’ll know this feature has been developed for some time. However, we are awaiting regulatory approval (as in item #1) to release it.

  • What exchange/broker do you use to trade crypto?

6. Backend enhancements

Last, we maintain a large list of backend enhancements that will keep the platform running smoothly and effectively. This spans infrastructure, data sources, and the machine learning models themselves. We strive to deliver the best information and technology to our users, which is an ongoing exercise.

What are your ideas?

Again, please give us your thoughts about the future in the comments below, by taking the survey, or by contacting support.

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