CML-X Trading Strategy

This post covers Crypto-ML’s CML-X crypto trading strategy, which gives you preview access to experimental systems from our machine learning platforms.

Crypto-ML Trade Strategies

With Auto Trade, you can select from multiple trading strategies. Here, we’ll focus on CML-X but you can also learn more about Crypto-ML Trading Strategies.

Strategy summary:

HoldKeeps a designated percentage of your portfolio held in cryptocurrency.
CML-AAnomaly Detection: Measures the predictions from our neural networks to find anomalies in the market that indicate market manipulation that should be followed. Learn more.
CML-I Investment: This strategy utilizes the CML-A machine learning foundation, but targets longer-term positions rather than swing trades.
CML-T Technical: Applies deep learning to technical analysis data in order to generate a high-probability rules-based system. Learn more.
CML-XExperimental: Leading-edge strategies still in the research-and-development phase. Learn more.

Choosing your strategies from your Auto Trade Dashboard:


CML-X Overview

As a platform, Crypto-ML is constantly evolving. We have team members dedicated to advancing our strategies through research and development.

These advances may become available to Crypto-ML customers in one of two ways:

  1. As an entirely new strategy.
  2. As an enhancement to existing strategies.

Prior to release, all changes go through extensive statistical testing. Once that is passed, the changes run against live data to evaluate real-world performance. At any given time, Crypto-ML has multiple concepts running in the background at this stage.

Oftentimes, as we are monitoring these evaluations, certain clear patterns arise across multiple tests indicating opportunities to buy or sell. When this arise, we may issue the corresponding signal to the CML-X trading strategy channel.

It’s important to note that all CML-X signals will be curated by a human. Since these signals are being generated by systems in an evaluation phase, we want a degree of oversight to be applied.

Being human-curated, the signals will likely be:

  • Less frequent in nature.
  • May stay open longer than other strategies.

CML-X Strengths

CML-X represents the latest in technology from Crypto-ML. As such, you’re receiving signals that may be more sophisticated in their understanding of the markets. In addition, these signals will typically be building on top of the knowledge gained from our existing platform.

CML-X Weaknesses

Since CML-X is experimental in nature, there may be a higher likelihood of error or unanticipated behavior.


CML-X provides another way to diversify your trading strategies and to gain early access to advances in our platform.