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Hi, these are killer suggestions and we will review internally and build into the backlog.

A few responses:

– Push notifications: this is in the works for mobile and I agree they are sorely needed!

– I love the statistics idea! Great concept and definitely data we have (especially considering our proprietary data sets).

– For the visualizations, I agree–the more visuals the better. We did add the visual of the Market Index to the Member Dashboard, but this could certainly be expanded.

– In terms of the short-term trades, this is definitely something we have in place on the Invest-ML (non-crypto side), though that is not public yet. We just have yet to find a highly reliable option for crypto. When we let the ML do its thing, it always leans toward swing trading (rather than day trading). But as soon as we release the Auto Trading feature, we definitely want to revisit higher frequency trades.

– The “Combined Strategy” is up to date. Since we’re in a Bear market (according to the Market Index), only Short triggers would count. We haven’t had a single Short call in 2019 yet!

– In terms of our ML approach, there are a couple of posts that provide some insight:

1) https://crypto-ml.com/how-to-use-machine-learning-to-trade-bitcoin-and-crypto/

2) https://medium.com/@jagesso/how-to-predict-bitcoin-price-with-machine-learning-1f88eaaaa507

Thanks again @funky13. Yours is exactly the sort of post that makes this all worthwhile!