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Hello @VideoPac, great question and the confusion is understandable.

We actually had an error in the reporting of the BTC Short call, which is explained here: https://crypto-ml.com/community/topic/btc-short-technical-issue/.

Issue aside, the BTC Short and BTC Long signals are their own machine learning models and can indeed potentially conflict. Usually, they move in sync, but there have been times of minimal overlap.

In general, it has been our recommendation to “swim with the current.” That means to trade with the market. If the market is bullish and moving up, it is advisable to lean toward long trades. If the market is bearish and generally moving down, it is advisable to lean toward short trades. This is a general trading principle that most traders will follow anyway–you’re just stacking the odds in your favor.

I wouldn’t think about it as canceling each other out–I’d think about it as choosing one strategy that is best for the market and sticking with it from trade open to trade close. Our Market Index is designed to help choose which way you want to lean. Reading about our Market Index will explain this a bit more. You can also see how that pans out in the Combined Strategy portion of the Trade History.

With that said, we are working on a unified short/long signal designed for higher trading frequency. This new model will be able to issue long and short positions and will be more focused on short-term reversals. This is nearly ready for general availability and hopefully will be out within 30 days.

Does that help?