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Yes of course, thanks, that does help me to understand how each model deliver its own signal and how the different models work together here. I have to admit though that some parts of what you say are not really in accordance with my trading plan, like:

In general, it has been our recommendation to “swim with the current.” That means to trade with the market. If the market is bullish and moving up, it is advisable to lean toward long trades. If the market is bearish and generally moving down, it is advisable to lean toward short trades. This is a general trading principle that most traders will follow anyway–you’re just stacking the odds in your favor.

choosing one strategy that is best for the market and sticking with it from trade open to trade close

Concretely, this would mean to use also discretionary trading and not following whatever models I chose to follow all the time, or at least dismissing some trades issued by the models… Well imho, If I start throwing my personal feelings in the mix then:

1) Why did I choose to follow a model in the first place, I mean even if the model tell me to go short, in – what I judge to be – a Bull market, it must have some reason to do so, it’s part of the model.
2) I won’t ever be able to evaluate how the model perform.

In any event, I am looking forward,for the unified model, which apparently will resolve those issue 🙂