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It does support 103 countries, yes, but not all of them allow to hold fiat. For most of these 103 countries, they will only allow the “Convert” feature (crypto to crypto) meaning you wouldn’t be able to close your trades on a fiat currency. That includes all of Asia (except Singapore), all of Africa, Australia and NZ, most countries on Central America and all of South America (except Chile).

I’m not sure about the demographics of the majority of Crypto-ML clients base, maybe users in these restricted areas don’t even amount to a very considerable share of your clients, but as a Brazil user I would very much appreciate a less restrictive exchange.

But anyway, as long as these API integration projects are still in development, I’m very satisfied to keep using Crypto-ML calls manually.

This is one of the best crypto projects I’ve seen so far. Very innovative, awesome team and great community participation.

Wish your team the best