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Hi @Daniel, thanks for the note.

1. Auto Trade functions on Market Order. There are some pros and cons of using Limits vs Markets. With Coinbase Pro, we’ve had very precise executions–typically to the penny. Testing will be required on other exchanges.

2. This is the point where the is a lot of variance and complexity in handling between exchanges. The cleanest way is to have Auto Trade utilize 100% of the funds for 1 crypto in a given exchange. This is how Auto Trade currently works.

Therefore, as an example, you may open a Coinbase Pro account specifically for Auto Trade and fund it with $10,000. In our interface, you connect to your account and then choose to trade Bitcoin. Whenever a BUY is issued for BTC, it will purchase with full balance. When a SELL is generated, it will completely liquidate the position.

3. At launch (confirmed for June now) it will be a free upgrade for existing Trader members who choose to upgrade. That price will be locked for those members. For people who sign up after June, the price will move higher and is to be determined.

I hope that helps and great questions. More info to come.

Would you mind also please sharing the exchange you prefer?