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To be clear on the changes, exchanges have certain regional restrictions they need to place on accounts in order to meet local regulatory requirements.

If you received Auto Trade error notifications, it’s likely because of one of these restrictions. The Auto Trade update today now allows you to choose a trading pair allowed by the exchange for your account.

The trading pair is called a “Market.” This is the fiat you’ll trade crypto against.

Coinbase Pro primarily allows fiat trading in USD, GBP, and EUR–all of which are now supported by Auto Trade.

For everyone else, you can use USDC. This is Coinbase’s stablecoin. It can be used as a trading pair instead of fiat. We recommend USDC as the best option for most traders, even if you have another choice available to you.

Our machine learning models are all consuming USD data, so USDC is ideal since it mirrors USD price.

On your Auto Trade Dashboard, you will be able to see pairs that are not supported by looking at the “Current Portfolio” section of Auto Trade Dashboard. If it shows “Not Available” that means that Market is not allowed for your account.

That’s it! Let us know if you have any questions/trouble with the new options.