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I would like to add that, possibly for both the Trade Meter and Market Index, it would be a nice feature to show not only the last (today’s) value, but also the ones from the last 2-3 days before…

With the Market Index it’s easier to remember (and see on the chart) what was the yesterday’s value (even just by having a look at the chart reveals if it’s a uptrend on downtrend situation)…

But the Trade Meter has more variables, so it’s harder to remember all of them (in order to compare their trends with the last days)

Please let me know if this is something with a logic behind or if I’m missing how those tools work 🙂

PS: Talking about the specific situation, with the BTC Open Short signal at $10213.94, I would like to know if we can expect a Close Short signal in the next days (when the machine thinks the price will start to go up again… let’s say for instance around $7k) or if before doing that, the ML machine will have to “see” that BTC has actually risen back to $10213.94 before being able to provide us with a fresh Close Short signal…

Thank you!