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Good question on the non USD (or USDC) pairs.

The workflow happens regardless of fiat you choose. Imagine you selected BTC/EUR pair.

If our system issues a Sell BTC order, any BTC you have will be sold and that amount will land in your balance.

If our system issues a Buy BTC order, BTC will be bought with any EUR you have.

There is no intermediary conversion happening. This does introduce some risk in that our models are monitoring BTC price in USD, not EUR. But practically, the fluctuations between EUR/USD pale in comparison to fluctuations relative to BTC.

Ideally you eliminate any exchange variance by using USD or USDC, but…given that our timelines are long (we’re not doing minute-by-minute trades) and assuming that you are not using leverage, then choosing EUR or USD shouldn’t matter too much.

But please overlay your own thoughts, expertise, and risk tolerance into this.

PS – To put this in perspective, when people trade FOREX, they typically are using very large leverage–you’re looking at a range of 50:1 to 500:1.