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Great! So here are my thoughts on one way to go about implementing multiple pairs. I have a simple version, and a more complicated version in mind. I will just start off with the simple version. This may be a bit difficult to explain with words, but here goes….

So let’s say I have $1000 of USD or USDC in my Coinbase account. The Auto Trade interface would allow me to specify an amount of fiat or stable coin to each trading pair.

For example:

$200 BTC
$100 ETH
$100 BCH
$100 LTC

So in total, $500 of USD is allocated towards trading and $500 would sit idle. Let’s say there are no trades open.

1. BTC long signal hits. The bot would buy $200 worth of BTC (0.025 BTC). USD is now $800.
2. ETH long signal hits. The bot would buy $100 of ETH. USD is now $700.
3. BTC trade closes in profit. Sells 0.025 BTC for $220. USD is now $920.
4. At this point, I could choose to go and change my BTC allocation to $220 or simply leave it at $200. Maybe there’s an option to automatically compound profit into your trade allocation.
4. LTC long signal hits. The bot buys $100 of LTC.. you get the picture.

In other words, the bot works pretty much the same as it does today, but instead of using the entire USD balance to open a long, it only uses the amount specified by the user. By doing it that way, it seems like you would be able to trade multiple pair simultaneously.

So that’s just one idea I had, but maybe there are other ways to go about it as well.