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Everyone, I’m extremely happy to report that we have the model ready.

Going with the analogy above, we are no longer running into light poles!

Functionally, this means we have a new anomaly detection model that can take the same parameters and work across different time periods and different cryptos. It also works across split data tests and the other fundamental analyses we put our models through.

It considers price, volume, month, day of week, day of month, hour of day, and 5 proprietary variance calculations. Based on these, it predicts average price for a period in the next day. If that value exceeds certain metrics, it generates a signal.

And let me tell you…it’s a game changer.

The next step is to get this up on the site. It’ll be on the Member Dashboard with alerts. It will be listed as a BTC Beta signal. Since it hasn’t been giving live trades to our customers, we feel most comfortable releasing it as beta. But rest assured, we are personally trading off of it already.

You can expect a full write up shortly.

Now time for the weekend! Thanks for the support, everyone.