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Great stuff! Glad to see it in the dashboard. Looking forward to seeing how it calls this current mess.

Can’t wait for the short side of this indicator though… this bear market probably isn’t going to be too favorable for long signals!

Am I reading the blog post right – “Also, I cannot stress this enough, the anomaly model is realizing these tighter numbers without any variation in the model or parameters. In order for our existing models to achieve their numbers, they need to continuously react and evolve.” – It seems this new model doesn’t “learn on the fly” like the 3.5 model? While this seems amazing, and congrats if this holds true, does the emergence of a completely new market behavior concern you? This was one of the things that attracted me to ML for crypto-trading – that the algos would learn and adapt to emerging market phenomena. But I guess this would manifest as the new model consistently losing its edge over time, and everyone could conclude from the change in results that the market has fundamentally changed.

I mean, perhaps there is no “new market behavior” and everything under the sun has already been seen in the multi-year history of bitcoin and the other markets.

For instance, one such shift in bitcoin “fundamentals”, as it were, is the potential shift to off-chain activity. For instance, I know that blockstreams liquid has been providing inter-exchange service for some time now, and will probably continue to grow. Then there’s lightning network, if that takes off.

Then there’s the possibility of bitcoin introducing any kind of privacy technology, such that transaction amounts could be obfuscated, but that’s probably a long time coming.

I don’t me to be a doubting mustafa, and I definitely don’t want to discount your achievement… just curious is all.

Thanks for all you do!