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Hey guys, great questions and thanks so much for joining the conversation. I can speak to both of these items.

As for the short trades, we have been heads down getting the new BTC Beta (Anomaly) launched. It’s killer. If you haven’t yet, please do check this out: https://crypto-ml.com/bitcoin-trading-with-machine-learning-anomaly-detection/

Now that it is live and stable, we’re redirecting some focus back to the short system. I imagine you’ll have it back live within 7 days.

As for Coinbase Pro vs Binance, we are in the process of capturing order execution data. I want to provide a quantifiable answer to this question. Which slips more on trades? That + fees matters.

In regard to taxes, if you are in the US, nothing beats Coinbase. They give you everything you need to facilitate simple reporting. I’ve been able to just hand their report to my CPA and call it good. I’ve personally been trading for almost a couple of decades (crypto and traditional) at this point. Taxes have been such a headache that I’ve stopped at times, despite gains. So tax reporting matters to me and Coinbase does it right.

If you’re outside of the US, I’m not so certain. Let us know where you’re located and hopefully we can lean on others in our community to help.