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I’d like to field this. It is a good question and, in fact, one we’ve addressed on our homepage from the start.

That FAQ bullet is here:

Why is Crypto-ML being offered as a service?
The Crypto-ML team is entrepreneurial by nature. We look for ways to add value, develop new cash flows, and gain input from a diverse group of people.

We are fueled by the corporate mission of “leveling the playing field.”

First and foremost, the models are developed for our usage. But by offering this as a service and thereby engaging with many like-minded traders, the benefit is that *everything* improves. We’re holding ourselves to extremely high levels of accountability. We’re getting input from other. We’re opening to possibilities. As a result, the system continues to evolve.

Unless people on this platform begin moving “whale size” transactions, there is much more benefit than harm in sharing the data from Crypto-ML.

In terms of the business model, there is the personal trading and membership fees. Additionally, I’d like to see this become a service that money managers and institutions can leverage. We also have several partnerships in the works. Last, we will be able to grab commission percentages as we drive volume to exchanges.

We’re building a solid study of how a system like this can perform in real world. There are many exciting possibilities that come from this. If we instead kept this bottled up, none of those possibilities would materialize.

I hope that helps!