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So far so good with the beta model! Just as the market starts to get boring, that’s when it gets exciting again. In my mind, BTC price may go lower from here, but I feel like we are in the process of a drawn out trend reversal, from bear to bull. I fully expect the bull marked to start coming back in Q1 2020 and into the halving. As BTC stabilizes, I expect ALTS to have a little run before BTC goes full bull. Could be a good time to make a little BTC.

My end-goal, and one which I know you guys are working on, is to automate my portfolio trading 100%. By doing that, we can gain one of our most valuable assets, time. The other part of it is, as a human, I am emotional by nature and can sometimes go against my plan, which usually doesn’t work out too well. By leaving everything to a machine, it fully takes emotion out of the equation.

So for the long-term future of Crypto ML, what I’d like to see is full automation, no thinking on my part. It could decide whether to take trades, or sit out of the market. It could decide which trades to take, and which pairs. I understand this a lofty goal, and probably couldn’t happen overnight.

I’d like to see additional support for more of the Coinbase coins (e.g XRP, LINK, REP, XTZ, EOS, ZRX, BAT, XLM) because I believe these sometimes present opportunities to gain BTC. It sounds like the 4.0 model could work well without much tuning or effort.

Something else to think about, is that during a bear market, my goal isn’t necessarily to gain value in USD, but in BTC. So it might be nice to choose whether you are trying to gain USD or BTC and optimize against that. Perhaps it roughly works out the same because they kind of go hand-in-hand, but maybe not.