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> And in bear markets, we really have to watch for this and manage our risk accordingly. The draw downs are so sharp.

Right. To that point, it would be awesome if the ML was able to comprehend that, sorta like @kw mentioned. The algo should know we’re in a bear market (according to the ML index thinger), so it should behave accordingly. I dunno, maybe protect profit quicker?

I mean, this could just be meddling with the machine, but one option could be a slider for how aggressive to be with profit taking. For instance, there could be a user defined thing that has the following if/else

if in long,
if no counter signal provided,
if % gain has hit n,
then issue sell signal.

though I guess that could be a whole lot of rework on the backend, cause right now it seems that the machine just blasts out the same signal to all the users.

Granted, yes, I could achieve the same thing by setting my own limit order manually… but whats the point of a bot, right?

hrm, as I type that I realize thats a who