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@JUSTIN Thanks for the clarification! It really depends on the individual risk profile, whether or not they want to experience more volatility in their portfolio in order to potentially generate greater returns. I have seen other great mechanical, non-ML based systems that are able to beat the market systematically like opening range breakouts (ORB) systems with entry filters. But as they always say, the markets are always changing and with that, the system that used to work for you does not always mean it will work in the future.

That is why I strongly believe in ML systems. To me, ML systems perform self-optimizations but in a more mechanical manner, eliminating curve over-fitting as much as possible compared to human interventions. I am very curious as to what you guys, the developers of ML systems think of what the future of trading would be; would ML systems eventually rule the trading world or human crafted mechanical systems still have a place many years from now?