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Hey guys, the Trade History page is updated with that most recent BTC Beta trade.

In the two months it has been live, the model is actually up 7% while Bitcoin is at -13%. Not bad at all, but could/should be even better.

The biggest dings against it are the -7% and -6% losses.

Since then, this tweak was implemented to help avoid losses of that size: https://crypto-ml.com/community/topic/btc-beta-stop-loss-has-tightened/

And that’s actually what kicked in on this last trade and stopped it.

Also, losses are absolutely expected. It’s pretty surprising how the numbers work out over a long enough time frame. We actually break down the specific ratios of our models here: https://crypto-ml.com/bitcoin-trading-with-machine-learning-anomaly-detection/#Wins_and_losses

@futurescientist1234 the tweak I mentioned at the top of this reply is the right answer to your question. And, ideally, you would just follow the signal (rather than deciding your own value). But definitely everyone has their own trading approach.

If you’d like to read more about how it works, please check this out: https://crypto-ml.com/bitcoin-trading-with-machine-learning-anomaly-detection/.

And don’t hesitate to ask additional questions!

The replies here from you and @martyf are what helps us keep this thing moving forward and performing its best.