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Hi @howza, thanks for reaching out on this.

I assume based on the time frame and quantity of trades that you’re running the BTC Beta–let me know if you’re instead on the regular BTC.

I agree, the performance this last month has been underwhelming. While the trades came in slightly positive for that period, you may be seeing the loss after fees.

Zooming out a bit, BTC Beta was introduced on Oct 25. Since then, it is up (before fees) 8% while BTC is down at -2%.

One note is BTC Beta is new. After the 3rd trade in (pictured below), we implemented a change so that it closes losses earlier. The change is discussed here. And for what it’s worth, we’re monitoring this extremely closely and constantly looking for issues/tweak/improvement areas–this is working on our money too.

I’m confident in the technology and we’ve had an excellent track record over the long run–that said, nothing is certain and it’s a very personal decision whether to follow something like this or not.