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Rob D

Im willing to forgive a lackluster start to BTC-beta because BTC 3.0 saved me a boatload getting out at 10k (before playing ball again around 8k). As a veteran of the last crazy run and watching how it can plunge (didnt get out at 19k ill tell you that much), its nice to have the insurance of a robot pulling the sell trigger if it crashes while Im asleep. 3% losses are annoying, but much better than the 20%+ you could be left with. If you love bitcoin and want to buy and hold, youll still make money imo. But I also think that we may see it go 10x then crash 50%, and thats where I think these algos become worth it (even with tax and fees issues).

Also as of posting we are at 8430 so I hope that helps (It better keep going)