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“I assume based on the time frame and quantity of trades that you’re running the BTC Beta–let me know if you’re instead on the regular BTC.”
I still don’t understand what is bitcoin-beta? How can I tell what autotrading I’m on?

“While the trades came in slightly positive for that period, you may be seeing the loss after fees.”
How have trades been slightly positive before fees?
Where is the table of Autotrade results that shows this? Where is the trade history?

“This was helpful and isolated the misunderstanding.”
This wasn’t a “misunderstanding” Autotrade wasn’t advertised as focused on maximizing USD value while over time losing overall value.

“As important clarification, our models are looking to optimize USD balance, not BTC balance.”
The rise in my USD balance is far below HODL value. The whole point of Crypto-ML is to make a profit higher than what’s possible with HODL. This hasn’t happened.