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After looking at your actual trade data, we saw you are trading against our standard Bitcoin model–not the Beta version. For the trades you referenced, our signals are up 5.7% in USD terms.

Regarding BTC Beta, you can choose between the Bitcoin model or the newer Bitcoin Anomaly model (which is in Beta). You make the selection from the Auto Trade Dashboard and we’ve provided a link with more information on the BTC Beta model. Also, from the Member Dashboard, you can always follow the “What’s this” hover-overs.

The second note about the “slightly positive” doesn’t apply. That was when I thought you were using the BTC Beta model.

In terms of a misunderstanding and maximizing USD value, all of our data is focused on increasing USD value over time. You can see this on our Trade History. https://crypto-ml.com/trade-history/. The account value and return we post are in USD terms.

We can always take steps to make this more clear, but it is definitely documented throughout the site as the goal for our models.

As for the last point, yes–I agree, the point is to experience a greater return than buy-and-hold. But this will happen over time, not immediately and not always. You have had 3 round-trip trades on your account.

We issue losses. We have times when we under perform the market. I don’t believe any system will generate only wins or always outperform the market in all conditions.

But over time, we have strongly outperformed the market. I expect this to continue, but it may or may not. We’re applying some leading-edge technology to this challenge, but this is a risky, speculative space.

Ultimately, I believe you have a different goal than what our platform currently supports. There is definitely interest from others in a model that seeks to maximize BTC value, so that is something we will explore. I also think it’s a good idea. But that is not our platform today.

I hope that helps. If you have any details about your account specifically you want to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email. I’ll have the team pass any notes through so I can review.