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I must say I had a really tough time with this poll, as they all sound really useful to me, and they all seem kind of related.

*Bitcoin Dominance Predictor*
Ultimately I voted for this one because I felt it would be the most generally useful to a variety of scenarios.

*Signal optimized for short selling*
I’m personally not interested in shorting bitcoin

*Signal optimized to maximize BTC value*
I am definitely interested it this. The reason I held back is that I fell this is especially useful during a bear market, and I feel that we are entering (or have already entered) a bull market. After the halving, I will be more interested in maximizing USD instead of BTC. So perhaps we have some runway on this one.

*Signal optimized for trading crypto-to-crypto pairs*
Again, I’m definitely interested in this. This would be especially useful in combination withe the dominance predictor. Like right now, BTC dominance is waning, while at the same time BTCUSD has been going up. A great time to trade crypto pairs to gain BTC.

*Low-frequency BTC trading signal*
This sounds very useful, but I’m afraid I would not have the patience to see how it would work in live market conditions.