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Hi @myoungho, I’m glad you’ve joined us and thanks for the recommendation!

Your approach to this is right–check out the signals to see how they move and see if they make sense for your style or not.

Starting with your BTC question, that trade was opened at $8,547 and just now closed out for a 7.75% gain. Two “bearish anomalies” were issued back to back, so it’s definitely seeing some pattern that is of concern. We can’t say the exact details behind the closure, but I imagine if we see the market drop below $9K, it’ll drop very quickly.

So I’m good with this capture. If we see price hold here, we could certainly get another trade opening.

Regarding LTC, yes–that was an issue here recently. The model effectively learned to be too conservative and was just choosing to sit out.

That said, the models for ETH, LTC, and BCH were all just upgraded this week and won’t face that issue going forward.

This describes how the new models work: https://crypto-ml.com/bitcoin-trading-with-machine-learning-anomaly-detection/

And the upgrade notice: https://crypto-ml.com/machine-learning-models-upgraded-to-version-4/

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