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i definitely support doing your own analysis and observation of the crypto-ml platform, and I admit that at first I was skeptical. However, I’ve been using it for a while and I must say I’m very satisfied.

Granted, it doesn’t get all the moves perfectly, but no technical analysis edge is going to do that. And there are some moves that its like “what the hell bot, thats clearly a top. The stochs turned around. Why didn’t you sell?” What I really like about the crypto-ML AI / bot, (especially the auto trader), is that it does the trading for you. Because consistency is key when it comes to any trading strategy.

Compared to trying to manually do this – I always hem and haw about a particular pattern, signal, etc., even though I know the technical analysis edge I have says a certain thing. This happens on either entry or exit.

So, thats my two cents. But I obviously encourage healthy skepticism. After all, any machine learning model is effectively black magic. Well, not really.