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I took the poll and I forget what I voted for, but one thing I ponder – will there be continued improvements of the primary BTC ML model?

I know I’m on here frequently venting about lost profits on one hand, and then I sing praises for the bot on the other – but it seems that sometimes the best use of the ML bot is entries…, and you should mix some standard TA for exits.

case in point, this past weekend. CME futures closed on friday at 9850 (they currently have about 100$ premium, spot closed at 9750ish). Bitcoin goes up to 10200 over the weekend, testing the old support of the september meltdown. Weekends are known for looser price movement (not as many pro traders, thus less liquidity). Thus, there’s some n probability that the price is going to come back down to 9750, after there being some x probability that 10200 is gonna have some resistance….

but i know, i know. Bots gonna do what bots gonna do.

Yeah. I guess this rambling is just more to the point that none of the proposed ML projects really buttered my bread, or whatever the saying is. The dominance thing getting the lead is concerning. I don’t have high confidence that a lot of alt coins can maintain truly technically driven price action.

I mean, I know its ridiculous to ask, considering the vast improvements in the 4.0 model, but if I had my druthers the ML team would continue their pursuit of making a model that captures as close to 100% of the gainz as possible.

but i also know that banging your head against the same wall repeatedly isn’t fun.