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Hey everyone, @matthew55–thanks for starting this thread. We’ll need to get an official communication out.

We’ve finished reviewing the trades, updated the trade history table, and are currently performing a root cause analysis on the behavior this weekend.

As it currently stands, all systems are performing as expected. But it appears the inputs (market data points) are exceptional and highly unusual. This is, unfortunately, creating a lot of false flag trades and burning trade fees and causing unnecessary losses.

In the bigger picture context, we’re seeing crazy movement across all financial sectors.

For reference, here’s what’s going on in the Dow Jones right now:

That’s the biggest weekly decline since the 2008 crisis. This and the big other markets are likely causing different market participant behavior in the crypto markets as well.

The BCH and LTC models seem to be handling this market more effectively, so we’re looking at the deltas.

We’re targeting to have an update (if required) rolled out within the next 24 hours to minimize these false flags.