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No I don’t believe it is the same at all.

Gain 10% of your FIAT with your Crypto-ML trades mean you gain 10% of your FIAT capital. Factor off inflation and your 10% gain is slightly less valuable.

Assuming a similar 10% gain on your BTC with your Crypto-ML trades mean you gain 10% of your BTC capital. Factor on deflation and your 10% gain is going to be a lot more, in a bull market anyways. Looking at the historical gain in value of BTC, regardless of the state of the market, it means you are more likely to gain a lot more maximizing BTC rather than maximizing FIAT.

Obviously, I am bullish on the future of crypto. Which is why I am here on Crypto-ML. I truly believe that BTC will eventually be worth $1M at some point. Which is why I would love to maximize my BTC.

Of course, if BTC goes to zero, then my argument flies out of the window.

I am sure there are others who would rather have their gains in FIAT. Maybe we can have two different trade models? I don’t know.

All I am saying is that I can trade Forex if I wanted a gain in FIAT (already doing this). Less complicated for the uninitiated and lower cost of entry.
But I love crypto. Once you dive deep into the crypto rabbithole, you never go back.

May I also suggest an additional feature on the Trade History page? You have the “Account Value” and “Account Return”. You also have the “Buy-and-Hold Account” and “Buy-and-Hold Return”. Any way you could add a “Dollar Cost Average Account” and “Dollar Cost Average Return” columns? I have a feeling the DCA Return column might have fared pretty well and will continue to do well.