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Hello Julian,
Thanks for your quick reply.
Yes, I understand that there could be a chance of breaking the resistance and moving up 20%. But issuing a buy signal at $10k or even above like on June 2 means that the ML algorithm is repeating the same mistakes again. I would understand a buy at a lower price like today ($9,300) knowing that the $10k level will be tested again and then sell at around $10k.

I understand that the price for BTC is unpredictable but I was hoping that ML-crypto would do a better job than my intuition. Whales tend to sell at $10k meaning that this is more the level to sell.

On the positive side, the algorithm sold at $9,800 so the loss was only 2% but in my view still unnecessary. Hopefully the AI will make better decisions in the future. I still have hope.


Once again, thanks for your reply.