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I personally will be keeping my membership. Using any sort of predictive tool is accepting that it won’t be perfect. This current peak is a demonstration. It is not a reason to see events like this and have fear of missing out and feeling like you were cheated. by signing up with this type of service you’re essentially accepting that you won’t be getting all the gains. The alternative is to invest into the markets on your own that is practically gambling because of how divergent the market can go with outlier events like this happening not infrequently, ie questionably making gains at all. I was reminded of this time and time again when I attempted to balance use of the service and my own trading skills. As many can attest on the service, this program does produce significant gains, more than you would get if you HODL. I believe a recent post stated a user who had 72% gains over the period of less than a year. The benefit of an algorithm running everything is because even if you did capture the gains with this current peak on your own, there is a distinct possibility emotion overtakes reason and you keep on holding on thinking that it could go further up. No matter how objective you are, this behavior can happen and cause problems as it has with my own trades on occasion. Inevitably, things will go back down and with how crypto markets work, whales typically sell around this Mark and things go down fast. For a number of traders, all their gains will likely be negated by whales selling because of greed overtaking investing reason. We are all free to do whatever we want with our money, including leaving this service. There is no need to publicly shame the company in the process considering users accept risk while signing up. It is not a professional thing to do.