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      What minimum amount do you recommend to start autotrading?

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      I guess the answer will be “the amount you are willing to lose in case it happens”

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      Great question.

      , yes! That’s the guidance on the max side. Definitely don’t trade more than you are willing to lose. That is great advice that applies to any sort of trading.

      , in regards to the minimum, Coinbase Pro has a $10 minimum. Apart from that, we don’t have any special guidance. As long as fees are in percentages and not flat, then the minimum doesn’t really matter. Some exchanges have flat fees (either in place of percentages or in addition to). If there is a flat fee per trade, then you need to consider how much of your balance is getting chewed up by fees.

      As further guidance, I highly recommend people considering Auto Trade first see how our signals operate and perform, either just watching or trading against them manually. It’ll take a few cycles to get a feel for it. You should also check out our trade history.

      If, after that time, you feel comfortable that this is appropriate for your trading style and risk tolerance, you can initiate Auto Trade.

      This is important because we may have a string of losses before a win. If you are okay with this and how things are work, then you may be good to go. If you want a system that only issues wins, this may not be for you.

      I hope that helps!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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