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      *There are overlapping windows in the menu bar, when you press the “+” sign on Tools.

      *The “remember me” feature doesn’t work as intended, you always need to sign in a new when you close the app entirely, and open it again

      *The app is very slow and unresponsive, regardless of internet line

      *There is no “refresh feature”

      *The design is not optimized for smartphones, only adapted from web to fit smartphone screens

      Is there any updates planed in the near future for the app?

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      Hello @Some1New, I agree with you.

      Unfortunately, the Android App has suffered a bit and not matured as much as we wanted as we focus on enhancing our core product.

      That said, the notification feature of the app is excellent. If that’s a feature you want, you can’t beat the app. By logging in to the app once every couple of weeks, it will keep your notification service alive.

      Apart from that, just visiting the website via your browser gets you the general information.

      It’s on our roadmap to enhance the app and also release an iOS version.

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      Hello @Justin

      Thank you for the answer, it is very understandable that the app is not top notch yet, and i’m happy that the notification feature works as intended.
      I use the web interface when i need to update my self on most info, since it is the easiest

      Looking forward to see your end product on all ends in the future


Viewing 2 reply threads
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