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      Please find information on two important changes for Auto Trade:

      1. Limit and Market Order Availability

      A new option will be added to the Auto Trade Dashboard allowing you to choose between Market and Limit orders. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. We will provide the option and also give guidance on making the best choice for your situation.

      This should be released within the next couple of weeks.

      2. Binance “Buy” Order Behavior

      Binance handles “buy” orders uniquely, requiring a calculation ahead of the trade to determine how much of the particular crypto you will buy. Since our system uses the entire USDC balance to purchase the crypto pair, it calculates you can buy X crypto. But if the price of the crypto goes up, you can no longer afford to place that order.

      As such, it is recommended that instead of buying with 100% of USDC, orders shall be submitted based on 99% purchase power. This may leave a small balance in your USDC account, but makes it more likely your order will be successful.

      Please note this issue can also be mitigated with Limit orders, so these two issues are related.

      The “99% buying power” change has already been implemented.

      Please let us know of any questions.

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