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      Earlier today, some of you may have seen back-to-back “buy” calls for BCH. The Member Dashboard reflected the price and time of the second (duplicate) call.

      This issue has been addressed.

      The initial call was the one initiated by our machine learning models. The Member Dashboard has been updated to accurately reflect this initial price. The duplicate call was actually at a slightly lower (better) buy point, but to ensure integrity, we adjusted price back to the original call,

      Thank you and let us know if you have any questions.

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      As a further update, this duplication occurred with the LTC buy call as well. The original LTC call was correct and the following was a duplicate.

      There have been numerous backend infrastructure enhancements that caused certain steps to work faster than the machine learning models compute. We have deployed a fix for this across all model flows and this issue is expected to be resolved now.

      Please accept our apologies for the duplicate notifications.

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      As this issue appeared again, we would like to share the following update:

      As you may have noticed, there have been several duplicate Trade Alerts recently.

      For example, BCH may issue a SELL alert, then shortly thereafter, another SELL alert is issued.

      If you are on Auto Trade, this will cause your position to close out properly on the first SELL. But when the second SELL issues, you’ll receive an error because there is no balance to sell.

      As such, this does not negatively impact trades–but it does cause confusion.


      The machine learning models are behaving properly, but a small routine that fetches the latest call has been intermittently out of sync in its data grab.


      Our team has been working diligently to resolve this. We have tested and deployed an overhaul to the routine in question. We have also deployed a check system that will proactively alert to this particular trouble.

      We believe this issue will no longer occur and will keep you updated.

      Please accept our apologies for the confusion this issue has caused.

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